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Hear What They’re Saying

“Now more than ever, our students, staff and community are seeking ways to positively respond to life’s demands. Urban Zen™ offers participants thoughtful ways to proactively respond to stress. The proven strategies support social, emotional and physical well-being of self and others."

Dr. Kathy Jenney, ED.D.,  Associate Superintendent for Upper Arlington City Schools

“We need UZIT™ in schools because learning can only take place when students and teachers feel quiet of mind, safe enough to be open, and calm enough to listen to their own minds as they share ideas and thinking with others!”

Theresa Collins

Progressive Education Network (PEN)

Increasingly, administrators and teachers are under extreme pressure to meet the many requirements mandated them and the call to education they hold in their hearts. Similarly, children of all ages experience more stress and anxiety than past generations. Urban Zen™ offers a place of respite and an opportunity to develop self-care strategies to find calm."

Chris Collaros, Principal,  Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School

"Urban Zenalways makes a difference when I return to the classroom. I am better able to deal with things after I take a few moments for myself. It keeps me calmer and I have better interactions with my students."

Mrs. Oberlin, 4th Grade Classroom Teacher

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“I thought the pause activities (putting head down, clenching toes, connecting fingers) were simple and effective. I can see myself using them.”

Lilly, High School Student


“My mom is having a stressful time at her work. I taught her how to put her hands on her belly and follow her breathing. She said it helped her.”

Connor, Elemenatary Student


“The more we do Urban Zen at school, the more by body is teaching me what to I can do to help myself.”

Abbey, High School Student


"I think a lot of kids will use the pause activities when they are stressed out. The school is responding to our needs!”

Sherry, Middle School Student

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